Monday, March 30, 2015

321 launch

Print making

1,How to design a stamp 
To make a stamp You need a a4 picture of your face tape it to a polystyrene board,Trace around your face and shade in the light bits,also go over the details like nose eyes eyebrows etc etc.put some ink on it and you'll be ready to put on your paper.

2,Explain what tools you need for making a print 
You'll need a piece of a4 paper to put your
print on it can be coloured or white,you need two rollers a.wet one to roll the ink on the stamp and a dry one to roll on the back,you'll also need a ice cream lid to roll out the ink.

3,I like my print because... 
I like my first print because you can actually see my face.I also liked both the colours I chose.

4,What I would like to change...
I would like to change my second print because it looks all scribbled in the middle of my face.